Freedom. It is a strong word that many people use to motivate themselves to do more, whether it is to fight the monopolistic and corrupted government or to fight for gender equality. It is the word the LGBTQ also often uses to reduces the oppression they often feel. How can you gain your freedom?

What kind of freedom?

You need to know for yourself what exactly do you want about freedom. What is this freedom are you talking about? Some people are talking about the freedom to be a woman who doesn’t have to cover 98% of their body when they walk out. Others are talking about the freedom to be able to work the same job as the major ethnicity can.

Or maybe, your freedom is as simple as to be allowed by your parents to hang out with friends on weekends. Define your freedom, understand why you want it and continue to the next part.

Why are you not allowed to?

Why do some parents don’t let their kids come near them when they are cooking? Some mothers get flustered when they have a lot of things to do. It doesn’t necessarily mean they hate their kids; they don’t want to accidentally bump on the kids or let them play with dangerous utensils. Why do government enforce certain regulations? What do they believe?

Prove yourself

Sometimes, the best argument is not written or spoken but is acted out. Prove that you can be a trusted individual and your parents will give you more freedom. Speak out what you think is right while choosing the right moment to speak it. Invite people into a deep discussion over what you think is the freedom you and others deserve.

It could all be yourself

Some people think they don’t have enough freedom and that the world is too confining. However, it has to be remembered that rules are there to protect people of misused freedom.