Democracy is the longest-running successful government style in many countries, such as the USA. Thanks to the open-minded style, people are given the chances to make their voices heard and be part of the government in a sense. They get to vote, they get their human rights equally no matter their background or current status, etc.

But there are threats that may bring an end to the peaceful time we’ve always thought would remain forever.

Increasing wealth gap

Poor people remain poor while the rich are only getting ever richer. Based on various statistics available, the US, which is known to be the land of opportunity, has one of the highest wealth gap stats compared to other First World democracy. Not just that, its people are also plagued with immobility when it comes to their strives to be better financially.

This is caused by the disparity educational opportunities given to people of different financial conditions. Rich Americans gain tremendously better chances at being well-educated while the not-so-well kids have to make do with what they have, often weighed down under huge student loan.

Fewer chances to vote

Don’t get this wrong, because compared to when discrimination was so dense in the country, we have much better chances to gain our rights to vote. Black, white, men and women are all eligible voters, however, this time there are other challenges to voting. While accounting for those unwilling to vote as well, over 40% of eligible voters did not voice their choice during the election in 2016.

Lessened Investment in Public Needs

From infrastructure to education, the country is investing less and less of their capital to these vital needs while campaign fund increases to an unbelievable level.Yet, the development of these facilities was one of the most important reasons democracy is favored.