How Porno Has Shaped Democracy

Politics and pornography are two things that people don’t tend to correlate together. However, in the course of history, each one has somehow impacted the other. More so the past few years as sexually graphic content has become fashionable. Coincidentally, both have also had impacts on democracy itself. The truth is that smut has managed to do something most would have never thought possible a decade ago. As it stands now, porno has managed to move into the mainstream. The move has been happening slowly. It is getting there since there are more individuals today looking at porno videos online than ever before.


The irony of it all is how much people who viewed adult content in the past were isolated. Negative stigmas were immediately cast on anyone who was caught viewing porn. That stain grew hundredfold if the person was found out to be working in the adult industry. It was why so many who looked at smut, did so in secrecy. However, all of that has changed significantly in the past decade or the last few years. Much of it has to do with internet freedom and technological advancements.

Before that, people had to jump through hoops to view pornography. Now anyone with access to the web and a mobile device can look at adult content whenever they want. Not only that, they can do so from anywhere they wish. In addition, individuals can record themselves or others carrying out sex acts. As a result, there is more amateur porn found online than at any other time in history. That freedom has helped pushed liberalism and democracy. Even countries which had strict laws against porno are becoming laxer.

Granted many of them have had no choice since the floodgates have already been opened. Trying to stop it now will probably be as hard as closing the internet. That is not to say that there aren’t countries out there which prohibit and even punish people for viewing pornography. Some places restrict access to porn sites such as Youporn and several other well-known ones. But in countries where democracy reigns, the entire political orientation is being reshaped. Or being pushed further than any politicians and citizens ever imagined.

Sexual liberty and freedom are at the front and center of society. Porn has played a key role in doing that. More importantly, in reshaping what people used to think about it all. It’s almost as if the sexual revolution has started once again. Except for this time, it is mostly taking place online because of porn.